Finding Solace in the Nebulous

Rob Brezsny, on his “Free Will Astrology” site, recently said in his leo weekly horoscope “I urge you to ignore the opinions of others as you turn strongly toward the sources that provide you with essential nourishment.” This nourishment he speaks of could very well as easily been referred to as comfort. Some things we do in this world, decisions we have to make, are so pivotal, we need to seek comfort and gather information from all sources. Horoscopes can give some insight into the general trends that are unfolding. Trying to figure out the best times to perhaps buy a new home, switch jobs or plant those tomatoes, the stars are just another tool in your bag.


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There are many, many astrologers online now, it has opened up a whole new world. Before you make plans for your summer vacation, you could consult your annual love horoscope, and those of your family members that will be traveling with you, to see if there are any trends to consider. Moving with the stars is an innocuous pursuit of the celestial pragmatist. Don’t buy your new toaster oven during Mercury retrograde or sign any contracts, if it can be avoided. These are just guidelines to managing our existence as opposed to hard and fast rules.


Much is spoken about when Mercury is retrograde and that we should avoid buying any electronic devices at all. Astrologers believe that communications are easily confused and also that our cars can breakdown under these influences. Millions and millions of people believe in warnings of what to avoid when Mercury is retrograde as they follow their stars. Famous people, world leaders, Wall Street barons and even our Founding Fathers thought there was something to it. There seems to be compelling evidence that perhaps we can all learn from the stars.


Horoscopes could be a fun part of your life, some entertainment if you will. In fact, many major newspapers, like the New York Post and San Francisco Gate, put their horoscopes in the entertainment section. Horoscopes are half art and half science. The words and the perceptions-of-events come together with each astrologer often times in a very different way. Eventually you will find what astrologers you like and, whenever you can, you will learn to adjust your life, albeit slightly, to their forecasts because why wouldn’t you?! If it was good enough for Alexander the Great and Benjamin Franklin, we all might be able to make use of it in some way. At the very least, it cannot hurt!